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"Exploding onto radio stations and magazine pages across the USA, Canada and beyond, the GGD made a pivotal breakthrough with the release of 2019's critically acclaimed Terminal, however, So Easy's multi-layered melody lines, radio-friendly, yet face-melting hooks and muscular sing-along chorus sees the band at the untouchable top of their game". - BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE



So Easy REMIXED AND REMASTERED single version coming soon

Having already been released as a video (which you can see on SMRTV), and the demo version as a B-Side, Grey Goes Down new single, So Easy, has been updated with a remix and a remaster.

The track was recorded completely on analogue equipment using a retro mixing desk, the same one in fact used at the Long Beach Arena in March 1984!

The single will be released later this year with a date still to be confirmed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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