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"Exploding onto radio stations and magazine pages across the USA, Canada and beyond, the GGD made a pivotal breakthrough with the release of 2019's critically acclaimed Terminal, however, So Easy's multi-layered melody lines, radio-friendly, yet face-melting hooks and muscular sing-along chorus sees the band at the untouchable top of their game". - BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE



Grey Goes Down/featured /Terminal – Out August 9th!

Terminal – Out August 9th!

Terminal is four and a half minutes of powerful and raw emotion. Coupling a radio friendly hook with a vocal blast the late Kurt Cobain would have been proud of It is a brave new direction for the band musically.

Having once gain teamed up with Sam and Joe Graves (With One Last Breath, Asking Alexandria, Yashin, Glamour Of The Kill) in production as they did for 2014’s Down & Out album, the band’s sound feel consistent but the tone of this record is a lot more aggressive.

Terminal is available on all platforms from August 9th.


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