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"Exploding onto radio stations and magazine pages across the USA, Canada and beyond, the GGD made a pivotal breakthrough with the release of 2019's critically acclaimed Terminal, however, So Easy's multi-layered melody lines, radio-friendly, yet face-melting hooks and muscular sing-along chorus sees the band at the untouchable top of their game". - BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE



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Down & Out, Lyric Book and Graphic Novel!

The Album, Down & Out, is to be made into a book. The songs on the album all tell a story of love, loneliness, betrayal and revenge.

While not immediately obvious that there is a narrative at work on the record, the new book version will contain lyrics and illustrations to explain and finally illuminate this concept.

The book contains a complete graphic novel that brings to life the story within the songs on the album. It also contains tour photos, anecdotes and complete song lyrics for each song. This really adds another dimension to the album, allowing it to be enjoyed on a whole new level and bringing you closer to the music and how it was created.